SMT Recognized, chosen for award by DoD DMSMS

The Department of Defense Working Group "Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages" (DMSMS) honors SMT's Thomas Sharpe with an award for Special Recognition. The award was presented at the annual DMSMS & Standardization Conference in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday, November 27, 2012.

DMSMS 2012 Achievement Award: Special Recognition to Thomas Sharpe of SMT Corporation.

Tom Sharpe, Vice President of SMT Corporation, has become the leading voice from the Independent Distribution sector in the fight against counterfeit components within the electronics industry.  Over the past four years SMT Corporation has been the first to identify and document several previously unknown counterfeit process threats and the cutting-edge mitigation techniques needed to reliably detect them.  SMT has consistently shared this important data with Government, Industry and all fellow electronic part distributors.

Tom Sharpe was recently called upon to testify by the Senate Armed Services Committee in its formal investigation into counterfeit parts within DOD supply chains.  Tom provided first hand accounts of the huge counterfeit trade thriving within China as well as detailed examples of the constantly evolving counterfeit threats arriving on US shores within open-market supply chains.  His contributions to DMSMS of significantly increased awareness through countless industry presentations and detailed "best practice" process data-sharing have helped provide higher levels of product integrity delivered in support of our warfighters yesterday, today and in the future.