Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) Year-Long Investigation into Counterfeit Parts Threatening DoD Supply Chains

On November 8th, 2011, Vice president of SMT Corp, Tom Sharpe, was called upon to testify at an Armed Services Committee hearing in Washington where he relayed first-hand observations and recommendations to lawmakers about the state of counterfeit electronics within the DoD supply chain and the electronics industry in general.

The issue was taken very seriously by the committee, as details emerged through the testimony implicating China as the primary source of counterfeit components, and the implications of even a single component's failure. SMT shared details of 3 counterfeiting processes it had recently identified with the committee, highlighting the increasing sophistication of the component counterfeiting industry.

Further testimony was heard from a Government Accountability Office representative, Richard Hillman. Mr. Hillman shared details of components it purchased through a  dummy corporation which it then sent to SMT Corp's labs for authenticity testing and quality screening. SMT's report data was also included in the GAO report submitted to the SASC.

At the direct request of SASC Chair, Senator Carl Levin (D-MN) to Mr. Sharpe for assistance in developing reliable processes and procedures for the detection of counterfeit parts and proper qualifications of open-market suppliers, SMT has since provided much feedback to this committee and other government agencies.

November 8, 2011


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