Realtime X-Ray Imaging


SMT Corp offers non-destructive x-ray analysis, in real time, detecting and creating an immediate and thorough analysis of complex structures of varying densities. Our equipment enables us to identify and diagnose submicron defects, void percentage, solder sphere formation, and wire sweeping. This particular test gives the user freedom to enhance image quality and obtain distance and diameter measurements of a component.

This system also allows for single layer inspection of electronic components without the need to remove them from protective packaging; we are able to inspect without disrupting the original factory seal.

SMT Corp catalogs a vast and evolving library of component images on file for quick and accurate internal comparative analysis against verified component images. These high resolution images allow for continuity inspection of all bond wire interconnects and BGA ball placements.

Information Obtained

  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Solder joint formation
  • Metallization defects

Ball Grid Arrays

  • Solder formation and voiding
  • Die attach

Ceramic, Metal and Plastic Packages

  • Foreign material
  • Die attach
  • Bond wire sweep
  • Opaque particles


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