Heated Solvent

Our extensive counterfeit testing experience has shown that certain resurfaced components remain intact after the acetone process. For this reason, SMT Corporation has pioneered the use of Dynasolve solution as a more effective method for revealing incidences of resurfacing.


This process includes suspending a sample component in Dynasolve solution submerging half of the component. As the component remains in the solution for an extended period of time, any resurfacing or remarking on the submerged end will be removed while the portion remaining above the surface will remain unaffected. This created dichotomy allows for a strict comparison between the original state and any results that occur while submerged in Dynasolve.

Information Obtained

  • Identify the presence of top-coating by exposing the true base layer of the component


Dynaloy - Dynasolve 750/711 Blue