Fisherscope XDAL


Certain situations present the necessity for a more comprehensive inspection of a component. Using our Fischerscope XRF/XDAL system, SMT Corp has the capability of performing much more than the preliminary RoHS compliance test. Our advanced equipment enables technicians to perform inspections such as:

  • Elemental composition analysis
  • High reliability compliance
  • Electrical connect plating thickness measurement

With the multiple collimator options that the system provides, the XDAL allows for a specific focal point to be fixed on a component's electrical contact. After establishing these focal points, multiple electrical contacts can be inspected and compared in a single test, thus producing a more advanced analysis of the components elemental composition.

Furthermore, the XDAL's ability to analyze the content of electrical contacts while measuring plating thickness, proves as an important role in counterfeit detection. This process aids in more efficient findings of inconsistencies in suspect devices.

Information Obtained 

  • Analysis of very thin coatings, (e.g. gold and palladium coatings of = 0.1 µm)
  • Measurement of functional coatings in the electronics and semiconductor industries
  • Determination of complex multi-coating systems
  • Automated measurements, e.g. in quality control
  • Determination of the lead content in solder


Fischerscope XDAL