Welcome to the Trusted Foundry Program Website!

What is Trusted and why is it important?

The Trusted Foundry Program was initiated in 2004
to ensure that mission-critical national defense
systems have access to leading-edge integrated
circuits from secure, domestic sources. It is a joint
DoD / NSA program; administered by NSA’s
Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO). The
program includes foundry capability plus full-range
of microelectronics services from design through
prototyping, packaging and assembly, photomask
manufacturing, and aggregation . . . 54 suppliers
accredited by DMEA to be trusted. 

Should you use the Trusted Foundry Program?

  • Is your program mission critical or essential to national security or national defense?
  • Do you worry about the alarming number of counterfeit microelectronics?
  • Do you want to protect your system against backdoor access or other deliberate mischief?
  • Do you want to comply with DoD directives and Public Law requiring
    Trusted components in the most important defense systems?

The Trusted Foundry Program website offers many resources including:

  • Searchable news database, updated daily, featuring articles on the semiconductor industry, government programs and accredited suppliers
  • Links to industry special publications
  • Industry opportunities and events 
  • Accredited supplier list with their areas of accreditation 
  • NEW supplier profiles including information such as business facts, capabilities, and contacts
  • Introduction to the Trusted Suppliers Steering Group (TSSG)


Additional features coming soon include:

  • Highlights of success stories and testimonials
  • Informal survey capability to capture reaction to emerging concerns