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Abstract Preview

Here is the abstract you requested from the Automotive_2012 technical program page. This is the original abstract submitted by the author. Any changes to the technical content of the final manuscript published by IMAPS or the presentation that is given during the event is done by the author, not IMAPS.

KEYNOTE: Counterfeiters’ techniques are constantly improving to avoid detection – Our national security and the well-being of the US Industrial base is dependent on us to keep up with them
Keywords: counterfeit, avoid detection, security
With the world market as their sales territory and a host country that turns a blind eye to the rights of Intellectual Property (IP) holders worldwide, the counterfeiting and resale of electronic components in Shantou & Shenzhen China is alive, well and flourishing. A first-hand narration of a photo-documented tour of this area provides compelling and clear evidence showing this threat is far worse than we imagine and here to stay. The recent refinements of the counterfeiter’s craft demonstrate clearly that we are battling very well-informed and well-funded groups of criminal enterprise. Huge amounts of counterfeit material are produced for global Defense, Industrial & Commercial applications. The dire consequences this situation has exposed to our war fighters and the US industrial base cannot be over-stated. Full awareness by the entire auto-industry manufacturing sector to this massive threat is crucial. SMT also will share the current levels of component authentication / counterfeit mitigation processes utilized to protect its customers.
Tom Sharpe, Vice President
SMT Corporation
Sandy Hook, CT

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