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Wisconsin Electronics Contract Manufacturer, Target Corporation, Offers Anti-Counterfeit Protection

Pleasant Prairie, WI (October 25, 2013) – Target Corporation, one of the country’s most dependable electronic contract manufacturers, recently invested in the patented DNA authentication process to aid in the fight against microchip counterfeiting.  The intent is to prevent counterfeit parts from entering the DOD supply chain by authenticating each piece with a unique DNA-based signature.

The DNA marking mandate, which became effective on 15 November, 2012 requires all semiconductors sold to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) to be marked with DNA-based materials unique to each government contractor. These 5962 devices can be used in everything from aircraft to medical equipment. In the future this unique DNA marking will be expanded to include other types of devices from transistors to hardware.  This is just the beginning in the fight against stamping out counterfeit parts. Target plans to be in the forefront of this new venture of being DNA COMPLIANT for military as well as commercial applications.  

Target Corporation purchased the manufactured, SigNature DNA ink from the only authorized supplier, Applied Sciences (ADNAS), and it is held in a secure facility at SMT Corporation in Sandyhook, CT.