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An Email Mentoring Program of the SMTA
Inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists

Susan Mucha A Mentor can help top student talent succeed! Why do you need a mentor?
Check out the articles in "Printed Circuit Design & Fab Online" magazine on Mentoring and MentorNet by SMTA Member and author, Susan Mucha. Mucha is president of Powell-Mucha Consulting Inc. (Mentoring) (MentorNet and the SMTA)

Find a Mentor!
As an engineering, science, or technology student, you may already have a primary advisor. But as you advance your education and explore a career path, have you considered the benefits of having a mentor with experience in your field of interest?

The SMTA partnered with MentorNet in 2008 to meet an increasing demand for mentors from student members, and for SMTA members to connect with students studying in related fields. This partnership allows members access to resources offered by MentorNet: one-on-one email mentoring, résumé database for student internships and jobs, and the E-Forum.

The MentorNet E-Mentoring Program is designed to provide information, encouragement, and support to community college, undergraduate, and graduate students, postdocs, and untenured faculty. Protégés are matched in one-on-one e-mail relationships with mentors who have work experience, and MentorNet provides the training, coaching, and support for a successful 8-month mentoring relationship.

Be a Mentor!
15 minutes a week can change a life - and it could be yours!
      She seeks your wisdom...
        He needs your guidance...
          They want to learn from your real world experience...

Don Mayse, Houston Chapter, shares his experience with two of his protégés -
"The Industrial Engineering student I’m mentoring at Penn State was interested in operations management. Many of our e-mails discussed lean manufacturing and six sigma principles. She brought up those concepts during the course of her interviews and received two job offers, one with GE Healthcare in their Operations Management Leadership Program, a fast track management training program at their Princeton, New Jersey facility, and another with Intel in their Chandler, Arizona facility. Unfortunately, there was no housing available this summer for her to participate in the GE program, but she accepted the offer from Intel and is enjoying her experience.

I'm also mentoring a Chemical Engineering student at the University of Cincinnati. She asked for help re-writing her resume and appreciated encouragement from someone already in the industry. She has accepted a job offer with GE Aviation.

The rewarding part of this experience is taking time out to help the next generation prepare for their careers and help guide them towards their goals."

Click here for an overview (PowerPoint) of the SMTA/MentorNet mentoring program.

Sign up in two easy steps at

1) Join the MentorNet Community: Click on "Join" to register.
2) Create a protégé or mentor profile describing your preferences.
Be sure to indicate your SMTA membership in your profile.

Once a protégé profile is created, she/he can review the profiles of up to 5 potential mentors. The protégé then can choose one of these mentors or ask MentorNet to make the match automatically based on the profiles. The process takes into account each person's preferences (school attended, educational level, gender and more) when assessing and making matches.

MentorNet provides support to mentors and protégés to help them make the most of their experience. Check out the interactive training tutorials on the MentorNet website that take mentors through some common mentoring situations.

In addition, mentors and protégés receive coaching in the form of weekly or biweekly (depending on their educational level) email discussion suggestions for the entire 8 months of their official MentorNet relationship. These suggestions help to initiate and sustain a successful e-mentoring relationship.

  • Since 1998, MentorNet has made more than 27,000 matches! 1318 current matches
  • 90% of participants would recommend MentorNet's One-on-One E-Mentoring Program to a friend or colleague
  • Mentors from over 1380 companies; 115+ college and university partners
  • Three years later, 91% of protégés were still in their field

  • For more information, visit and click on "One-on-One E-mentoring Program" or contact Karen at 952-920-7682,

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