Counterfeit Detection



SMT continuously strives to be the industry leader in protecting consumers from the always persistent and growing threat of counterfeit components. Our world-renowned practices and strict testing procedures put us at the forefront of keeping our customers sequestered from the growing dangers of sourcing in the open market.


Within the microelectronics industry, the problem of counterfeit components continues to rise as product supply chains become more and more diverse. Devices that are obsolete, or those which are predestined to be, are at a high risk for counterfeiting. Additionally, the added application of RoHS standards has increased the risk of producing counterfeit lead-free devices. This is mainly due to manufacturers' transition to environmentally compliant components. These counterfeit practices often include:

  • Reworking components to appear RoHS compliant
  • Introducing reclaimed components into the supply chain as OCM
  • Remarking components to match supplier requirements

The cost and risk of manufacturers unknowingly using counterfeit devices vindicates preventative screening measures like those enacted by SMT. Our state-of-the-art facility enables us to execute a variety of non-destructive testing procedures allowing for safe analysis of components, as well as ensuring that these components will remain intact for use in the field. For more in-depth analysis, SMT utilizes decapsulation and other destructive testing for a deeper examination of a component; these processes often give us the freedom to search for potential issues at the microscopic level.